This article is intended to help users understand what features are available to publish content to the SFTARC web site. Only registered users who are logged in may publish articles/content to the SFTARC web site. All members are given basic level access rights. If you wish to publish content to the webs site you may request updated rights from the web administrator.

The following are the types of content that may be published on the web site:

Publishing Drop Down

Note 1: The ability to post pictures to the web site Picture Gallery (found under About Us/Picture Gallery) requires special access rights and login available only by request.

Note 2: A help screen is displayed by clicking on the Publishing menu as apposed to selecting one of the drop down items. 

Public users or those not logged in, will see a list of two display only items: 


Use the general rules below for publishing articles:

Use the menus selections to ensure your article is placed in the correct area of the web site. This will automatically set the "Category" for your content.

Make sure to set the following attributes in your article:

  • Status: set to "Published"
  • Created by Alias: Your Name - Call Sign
  • Create Date: Click the calendar to set the current date
  • Start Publishing: select the date you want the article to appear (no date and its invisible !)
  • Do Not set the article as featured to "Y"
  • If you want your article to be "featured" on the home page send a request to the site web master

The following articles will assist you in creating your Event, Newsletter, Tech Blog Article or Web Link and in adding the specific content:

After you have entered a article it may be seen in the following menus:

  • Events - Publishing/Events/List Events. If you are logged in the list will show all Published, Unpublished and Expired articles. Selecting the list without being logged in will show only Published Events. View the article by clicking on the title.
  • Newsletter Article - Publishing/Newsletter Article/News Input List. This list contains news articles pending publishing in the next newsletter. The display for the News Input List will be the sameformat as the Event List above. Articles will remain here until they are moved after newsletter distribution to appropriate categories for display. Content specific to the newsletter will be  moved to the moved to the News Input Archive. 
  • Web Link - Web Links. The Web Links menu is broken down into several categories and sub categories to simplify the list. The category chosen when the Web Link is submitted will determine where it is displayed. Sub Categories will be displayed at the bottom of the list.

The content input area is a text editor that creates HTML formatted text. All content pasted into the text area must be entered as text only using the  button in the second line of the editor.

Images must be uploaded to the web site to used in an article. You cannot copy an image to the article. The user should use the Image button at the bottom of the text editor to upload and insert their image.

  • Set the path where the image will be stored at the top of the screen.Use the directory that matches your content type.
  • Choose the file (bottom of the screen) 
  • Select Upload
  • The file will appear in the file list under the directory you selected
  • Click on the file you wish to place in your article
  • Select Insert
  • Check out the Editor Help File for image formatting rules.
  • Edit the image as attributes required 

Check the format of your text by displaying it from one of the web site lists after you finish. Remember you will not break anything and the site admin will fix any errors and/or clean up the format as needed.

If cannot find a particlular article or subject use the Search menu to find it.