The following is a list of the "Categories" used for the KS0KS web site. The Category list is hierarchical consisting on main and sub-categories.

Uncategorized - The default Category if the user does not select one when an article is created.

test - Used for site development

SFTARC - Main category for club related content

  • Classes - Content relating to club license classes 
  • Club Event - Articles about club events
  • Meeting Notes - The archive for club meeting notes

Ensor - Information concerning the Ensor Museum

SFTARC Info - Articles concerning the functioning of the club

  • Membership
  • Club Repeaters
  • Documents - Public club documents

Silent Keys - Information about members who have passed on

Newsletters - Newsletter related article content

  • Newsletter Input - The input area where content to be published in the upcoming newsletter is placed
  • News Input Archive - An area where newsletter articles that have no specific site category may be stored. i.e. "Presidents Corner".

Operating Modes - A category for articles describing operating modes used in Amateur Radio

  • Digital - A sub-category specific to digital operating modes

Public Service Organizations - This category is used to describe Amateur Radio Public Service organizations and provide information about those organizations.

Tech Blog - Used to display useful technical articles 

Site Admin - 

  • Help - Help content for the site