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March Tech Night - Will Jordain from ICOM

March 17, 2017 - SFTARC Tech Night hosted Will Jourdain from Icom via Skype. Will talked about the radios that Icom is bringing out over the next several months. Icom is releasing a wideband receiver called the IC-R8600 that uses SDR technology to receive signals from 10 KHz to 3 GHz. It can decode many of the digital modes like D-STAR, NXDN, dPMR and APCO P25. The unit uses FPGA and DSP architecture to get the signal in the digital domain early in the signal chain which helped achieve its high performance. I/Q signals will be available so that third party SDR software can be used.

Will also talked about the IC-7851 HF/50MHz transceiver.  The IC-7851 has been reviewed in QST and is getting great reviews on its performance.  It makes use of the LCD and touch screen to make a lot of the menu items easily available to the user. The USB connector makes interfacing to a PC easy and there is an Ethernet jack for network connection.

Will also discussed the rest of the HF line of transceivers.