A weak signal digital mode.

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WSJT is a computer program used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators. The program was initially written by Joe Taylor, K1JT, but is now open source and is developed by a small team. The digital signal processing techniques in WSJT make it substantially easier for amateur radio operators to employ esoteric propagation modes, such as high speed meteor scatter and moonbounce.


JT65-HF is a great program and for a beginner in JT65 maybe the best choice. JT-65 is found as standalone software and not typically intergated into other digital programs such as FLDIGI and HRD. The WSJTX program not only includes JT65 but also JT9 which is a newer narrowor mode with 2db better than JT65. JT9 mode also allows more QSOs in the same space as JT65.

You can read about and download the WJSTX program and manual here:


To make sure your PC clock is at exact time you can download the program below or there are other programs to keep your clock on time too:


Andy has produced a great guide to this so please read this if you have time as it will help you:


Here are some youtube videos that might help so you can also view or search on youtube:

Although other bands like 20m and 40m are busiest don't forget that the 30 meter band is a great band with great propagation so JT65 and JT9 can be found on 30m band also (10.138 JT65 or 10.130 and 10.140 JT9).

GL and have fun...great modes for weak signal work, poor band conditions, limited power, or limited antenna.

www.30mdg.net <30 Meter Digital Group>