Missouri QSO Party Needs Activity from Platte County

Randy N0LD has posted a new activity chart for the Missouri QSO Party Apr 5/6 to the MOQP facebook page: <https://www.facebook.com/groups/MissouriQSOParty/>

All the counties have at least one station participating, except for Platte County north of KC. Is there a ham in Platte County that could operate during the MOQP and go to the MOQP web site and register for Platte County?

The MOQP county registration page is here: <http://www.w0ma.org/mo_qso_party/countyactivationfrm.php>

and the website for the 2014 Missouri QSO Party is here: <http://www.w0ma.org/mo_qso_party/index.html>

I know that usually mobile stations register their counties and not fixed stations, but Randy is asking that we get at least a few stations committed to operate from each county because new for 2014 is a plaque for sweeping all 115 Missouri counties. The plaque is sponsored, so now we just need to get all counties activated. If you are in Platte county please consider operating for at least part of the MOQP Apr 5/6 and registering on the MOQP web site.

Thanks and 73's,

Ron Bondy, AD0DX (W0H for the 2014 MOQP) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.