WW1USA Event Successful Despite Band Conditions

Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club was again privileged to host the July WW1USA event again this year. The special event station was like last year with a couple of twists. In addition to the remote stations this time we had an onsite station for CW with the operating position indoors and the antenna located to the west of the building outside the dock door. The station worked well by all reports, but conditions conspired to limit the number of QSO’s.

Setup began about 7:30am in order to avoid working outside in the expected heat, which showed up right on schedule. After running the coax and raising a multiband Windom antenna we shifted focus to the indoor setup and we were ready to operate at the scheduled start time of 10:00am.

We had three remote stations setup for SSB operation two local in the K.C. area and one in the mountains of Colorado. An additional station was setup to operate the PSK digital modes.

I (KI0CT) was scheduled to operate starting at 10:00am and Joe Krout (W0PWJ) started operating his remote station. Right away it was clear that it was going to be tougher this year than last. I called CQ on 20 meters for about an hour and made 10 contacts. Joe and I switched and he had about the same QSO rate. The station on 40 meters logged 3 QSO’s that first hour. Conditions improved somewhat over the course of the day as the undaunted Ham’s battled on.

Sunday morning brought a new and different problem. Overnight the metro area experienced some severe weather with high winds that left both local SSB stations without power. The station in Colorado was operational and the CW station at the Memorial had power. Those scheduled on Sunday continued the limited operation until the end time at 5:00pm.

This was event number 14 for WW1USA and we logged 1590 contacts all but 18 on 20 meters. There were 1525 phone contacts, 60 CW and 5 using PSK-31 digital. All in all a respectable showing in light of the band conditions and the violations of “Murphy’s Law” we experienced. Through 14 events, WW1USA has logged 17,665 contacts. I have been fortunate to participate in three of the 14 events and have enjoyed the experience every time.

Our thanks to the folks who put the WW1USA events together; Herb Fiddick NZ0F, Joe Krout W0PWJ and Charlie Van Way N0CVW. Thanks to all of the employees and volunteers at the World War I Museum and Memorial, that make us feel at home. Larry Staples W0AIB provided publicity via "Larry's List". Finally thanks to the officers and members of SFTARC for coming out to support a wonderful National Memorial located right here in Kansas City.

73 all

Jim Alexander