Ensor Museum


The ENSOR PARK and MUSEUM is located at 18995 W. 183rd. Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062.

Marshall H. Ensor, W9BSP/SK, was instrumental in furthering Amateur Radio by his teaching and love of the craft. Marshall built several radios including a 1kw transmitter. He taught CW during the 1930s over AM broadcast radios.

The Ensor Park and Museum is almost a frozen moment in time in Marshall's life. The home showcases many artifacts handmade by Marshall. The out-buildings houses the radio museum and other hobbies cherished by Marshall.





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Ensor Museum

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KC Star - W9BSP On the Air


W9BSP 1 kW Transmitter

Built by: Marshall Ensor

Restored by:

Joe Krout W0PWJ

Harry Krout W0YQ (SK)

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