I would like to thank Greg Wolfe and Mike Costello for their past years of service to Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio club. They have been part of many of the great changes that have taken place in the last couple of years. The November meeting was the first club meeting resided over by the new club officers of President and Secretary/Treasurer. Hopefully we as the new officers can continue on the path that was started by the previous officers.

On Friday 14-Dec-2018 we will have a club Christmas party at the Gardner Senior Community Center. We will cater a main dish of meat. Attendees will be asked to bring side dishes and deserts.

We also have Kansas Day on 26-Jan-2019. Please see the appropriate article and calendar entry on the website.

The club will be holding a class for people wishing to test for their General class license at the Salvation Army location in Olathe. There will be a flyer with information to follow. Registration will be via the club web site.

There are numerous club events coming up in the near future. There are many other Ham-related events coming up in the next few months Please consult the club calendar for a schedule of upcoming events. If you know of events that are not listed on the calendar please add them or consult a club officer to get them added.

I also attended the MoKan council meeting on Sunday 04-Nov-2018. The main outcome of the meeting was as follows: It was resolved, that the MO-KAN Council will withdraw from the planning effort for the proposed 2020 Midwest Division Convention. Full minutes of the MO-KAN Council meeting may be viewed at: