Greg KI0KK

Field Day is approaching rapidly. We plan to operate from Ensor Museum site again this year. Come join us for good fun and food. With the poor band conditions during the middle of the current solar cycle making contacts will be more of a challenge on Field Day. The 2 EL beam has been repaired for Field Day. The new battery has been installed in the trailer. Larry, George and Jim Andera are working on finalizing the plans for Field Day including additional wire antennas for 80M and possibly 160M.

Solar activity has increased slightly in late May so give 10M and15M a try during the day. I have been working multiple states on10M FT8 both durring the day and until sunset.  Lets hope the solar activity holds for Field Day.

The May 12 - 13 WW1USA event sponsored by SFTARC was a success. We used the club trailer for this outdoor event and were able to see what we needed to fix for Field Day. Thanks to everyone who helped setup and operate.

The club is planning to have a camp fire event at Ensor in July, look for further details on the club calendar.

If you have a topic you wish to write about or find an interesting topic please publish it either in the newsletter area or the Tech Blog on the web site. We can also list web links on the website if you find ones that are of general interest. If you have club news, event pictures or ham related comments the club also has a Facebook page, "Sftarc Olathe".

Read the Meeting Notes in this newsletter for more details on these and other subjects.

Check out the web site club calendar for upcoming events.

See you at Field Day and the July 7th meeting at Perkins in Olathe.