*** Club Meeting - Saturday March 2, 7:30 AM, Perkins, Olathe ***

Greg KI0KK

SFTARC participated again this year in the KS Day operating event to celebrate Kansas becoming a state. The club made 207 contacts on 5 bands using Phone (163) and Digital FT8 (44) modes.. The contacts were with 7 countries and 28 states.

The Mo-Kan Regional Council of Amateur Radio Organizations met on January 27 to discuss plans to sponsor the 2020 ARRL Midwest Division Convention in the Kansas City area. SFTARC is participating in the planning. Several sites are under consideration, any site suggestions would be welcome.Additional information may be found on the MO-Kan Council of Amateur Radio Organizations web site.

Tech night in January was a Skype presentation by Tim Duffy - DX Engineering. Tim presented information on products he sells and manfactures. 

The CW and Technician classes are going well with limited drop outs. In addition to the test session at the end of the class we plan to present a Ham 101 class in April to help new operators to get on the air.

The May 12 - 13 WW1USA event will be sponsored by SFTARC. Watch for announcements of details and for sign up information later in 2018. We will be using the club trailer for this outdoor event.

If you have a topic you wish to write about or find an interesting topic please publish it either in the newsletter area or the Tech Blog on the web site. We can also list web links on the website if you find ones that are of general interest. If you have club news, event pictures or ham related comments the club also has a Facebook page, "Sftarc Olathe".

Read the Meeting Notes in this newsletter for more details on these and other subjects.

Check out the web site club calendar for upcoming events.

See you at our March 3rd meeting at Perkins in Olathe.