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Presidents Corner November 2018

Jeff Darby - KE0CAZ

I would like to thank Greg Wolfe and Mike Costello for their past years of service to Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio club. They have been part of many of the great changes that have taken place in the last couple of years. The November meeting was the first club meeting resided over by the new club officers of President and Secretary/Treasurer. Hopefully we as the new officers can continue on the path that was started by the previous officers.

On Friday 14-Dec-2018 we will have a club Christmas party at the Gardner Senior Community Center. We will cater a main dish of meat. Attendees will be asked to bring side dishes and deserts.

We also have Kansas Day on 26-Jan-2019. Please see the appropriate article and calendar entry on the website.

The club will be holding a class for people wishing to test for their General class license at the Salvation Army location in Olathe. There will be a flyer with information to follow. Registration will be via the club web site.

There are numerous club events coming up in the near future. There are many other Ham-related events coming up in the next few months Please consult the club calendar for a schedule of upcoming events. If you know of events that are not listed on the calendar please add them or consult a club officer to get them added.

I also attended the MoKan council meeting on Sunday 04-Nov-2018. The main outcome of the meeting was as follows: It was resolved, that the MO-KAN Council will withdraw from the planning effort for the proposed 2020 Midwest Division Convention. Full minutes of the MO-KAN Council meeting may be viewed at:


November 2018 Meeting Notes

M Peters - KE0PEZ

snoppy typingMEETING TO ORDER

The SFTARC held its monthly meeting on November 3, 2018. President Jeff Darby, KE0CAZ, called the meeting to order at 7:31 AM.

Members and guests introduced themselves. There were 20 members and 2 guests present.


Marty, KE0PEZ, reported debits and credits to the club checking account during the month. After the meeting, Marty, Jeff, and Larry went to the bank, where Jeff and Marty, President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively, were added as signers on the SFTARC checking account. Marty will set up online access.

Marty is in the process of updating files and spreadsheets of club information. He will appreciate any reminders, advice, or pointers the experienced members of the club can provide in keeping the records.


2019 Ham License Classes

The class offered by the SFTARC in 2019 will be to prepare students for the General Class amateur radio license. Tentative start date is 5 January, 2019. Larry is waiting for Salvation Army to advise us of the dates the meeting room is available; then he will create the announcement flyer. Class registration will be via the club web site.

Club Newsletter

Newsletter inputs are due by 7PM Wednesday, 11/07/18. For help contact Greg Wolfe.

Ensor Tour Guide Volunteers; summary for 2018

Our club provided two volunteers each Saturday and Sunday in June and September. There were a total of 19 days, 38 volunteer slots, filled by 12 volunteers. Mike, Ed, Bob, Wayne, and Marty each covered at least 4 slots, qualifying them for comp membership for 2019. The volunteers were:
Mike-5; Howard-2; Ralph-2; Jeff-1; Joe-3; Ed-5; George-1; Peg-2; Rick-1; Wayne-5; Marty-4; Bob-4

The museum had a total of 160 names in the log of visitors for 2018. Not counting the tour guides, there were ~60 visitors. Our club will receive income from the city of Olathe for providing tour guide volunteers. Payment is expected in late November or early December.

Repair of Club Beam Antennas

The tri-band beam was tested during our October work day and needed addtional repairs. A new 20M trap will be ordered and will take several months to arrive from MFJ. We need to set up the beam at a greater height in order to know if it is performing correctly.

New Shirt Order

Jeff will get pricing for orange collared golf shirts and T-shirts at Olathe T-Shirt and Trophy. We will get a head count of members who want one of these and then place an order.

2020 Midwest ARRL Convention Planning

The Mo-Kan Council is continuing planning and investigation into hosting the ARRL Midwest Convention in 2020. President Darby will attend the upcoming meeting and will report in the club newsletter.

Dell’s Edgerton Location

Jim Cessna showed a Google Earth map of the property and 3 trees that would make an excellent sky loop. Plans include an off-center-fed dipole and a tower with a Yagi antenna on top. Construction will be in multiple phases so we can be in step with the weather. We can park the trailer under one tree and use it as a hamshack for most of the year. We may need a external tuner for below 20M. If we can't get the loop antenna high enough, it may not be wise to do this. A height of 40 feet would be a minimum, 60' would be better. We will need help from members to install the antennas. The towers should be in concrete. Being able to operate from this rural site will allow us to be farther away from other amateur stations and minimize QRM.

KS Day 2019

This event will take place on 26 Jan, 2019, 10am-3pm. The club station KS0KS is already listed as a special event station.

Christmas Party

The club Christmas Party will be held on Friday, Dec 14, at 6:30 pm at the Gardner Senior Citizens Center. The rental charge has already been paid for by an anonymous donor. Club members will bring sides, Jeff will contact Tony to arrange for the meat.

Trailer–mounted Solar Panels

With the three units donated by Joe Krout, the club now has a total of four solar panels. Jim Andera is making a frame for two solar panels to be mounted horizontally on the top of the trailer. The flat mounting is necessary to insure stability at all times. This orientation does not optimally capture the sunlight, but it will be good for trickle-charging. Joe has also donated a regulator. It was suggested to build a folding frame for the other two panels. They could be set on the ground and oriented toward the sun to provide up to 1.5 amps to charge batteries during sunny outdoor events. A solar station for contest was discussed.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00AM.

SFTARC Shirt Order

Jeff Darby - KE0CAZ

If you don't have a coveted Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club orange shirt now is your chance.  Over the next few weeks we will be looking at placing an order for club shirts.

Olathe T-Shirt and Trophy is where we got the shirts previously. The cost of the shirts would be $13.50 per shirt for small, medium or large plus embroidery fee either $14.00/shirt for 1 – 5 quantity, $10.50/shirt for 6 – 11 shirts and $8.00/shirt for 12 – 23 shirts. XXL extra cost add $2.00, XXXL add $3.00, And add $1.00/shirt for each increase in size.

There also were requests in the past about the plain white T-shirts with the club logo in blue that we got more than ten years ago. Pricing on those would be approximately $11.00/shirt. 

A list for shirt orders will be available soon


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