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Presidents Corner - June 2018

G Wolfe - KI0KK

Greg KI0KK

Field Day is approaching rapidly. We plan to operate from Ensor Museum site again this year. Come join us for good fun and food. With the poor band conditions during the middle of the current solar cycle making contacts will be more of a challenge on Field Day. The 2 EL beam has been repaired for Field Day. The new battery has been installed in the trailer. Larry, George and Jim Andera are working on finalizing the plans for Field Day including additional wire antennas for 80M and possibly 160M.

Solar activity has increased slightly in late May so give 10M and15M a try during the day. I have been working multiple states on10M FT8 both durring the day and until sunset.  Lets hope the solar activity holds for Field Day.

The May 12 - 13 WW1USA event sponsored by SFTARC was a success. We used the club trailer for this outdoor event and were able to see what we needed to fix for Field Day. Thanks to everyone who helped setup and operate.

The club is planning to have a camp fire event at Ensor in July, look for further details on the club calendar.

If you have a topic you wish to write about or find an interesting topic please publish it either in the newsletter area or the Tech Blog on the web site. We can also list web links on the website if you find ones that are of general interest. If you have club news, event pictures or ham related comments the club also has a Facebook page, "Sftarc Olathe".

Read the Meeting Notes in this newsletter for more details on these and other subjects.

Check out the sftarc.org web site club calendar for upcoming events.

See you at Field Day and the July 7th meeting at Perkins in Olathe.

June 2018 Meeting notes

G Wolfe - KI0KK

snoppy typing


The Vice-President, Larry Hall, KDØRIU, called the meeting to order.
Introductions of attendees were made by name and call-sign.


Secretary/Treasurer Mike Costello KBØISQ reported the bank balance, there was no income for May and $103.30 expense.



WW1USA for 2018.

Event went well, rain delay and vertical antenna delay but good contacts. Thanks to the Shrine Ham club for the use of their tower And the Raytown Ham club for the use of their generator.


First two weeks of June are covered, one person needed for June 16 and June 30.

Contact Marty - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up for June or September dates.


Set up on Friday, June 22nd, starting at 0730 am and on Saturday morning after breakfast. Field Day is June 23 – 24. Help is needed for both setting up on Friday morning and tearing down on Sunday afternoon. We will be operating class 3A, 1 or 2 stations in trailer, depending on weather. Talk-in on the 147.24 repeater. Operators and loggers will be needed for CW, HF, digital and GOTA stations.


SFTARC will again donate $200.00 to the KS QSO party for costs. Pony Express event is the same weekend as the QSO party.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. Meeting was adjourned.

SDRplay Dual SDR Receiver

G Wolfe - KI0KK

For those interested in experimenting with SDR technology or in need of a higher quality SDR receiver, SDRplay has a new RSPduo device.


This new device has two full receivers/tuners using 14 bit technology for higher receiver dynamic range. The number of bits in the ADC (Analog to Digital) converter will set the maximum dynamic range of the resulting data stream. This is approximately SNR=6dB×Bits+4.8dB (for a full scale input sine wave).

Each tuner can operate individually anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz with up to 10MHz of bandwidth or both tuners can operate simultaneously anywhere between 1kHz and 2GHz with up to 2MHz of bandwidth per tuner. Additionally this SDR has a high stability reference and option for external clocking. The device is intended for industrial, scientific and educational applications. Price is around $300.

For those needing the high quality device but without the higher cost dual receiver the RSP1A is a excellent alternative.

The RSP1A offers similar performance but at a lower cost of just over $100. With a 10MHz visible bandwidth and the companion SDRuno software the RSP1A has all the popular ham bands and shortwave broadcast bands as “presets” for instant set-up. This device may also be used as an low cost spectrum analyzer or portable receiver for tracking down interference sources..

Theses receivers offer a significant improvement in performance, as compared to the low end SDR dongle type of SDR, for a small increase in cost.

Ensor Park & Museum 2018

G Wolfe - KI0KK

Greetings to members of the SFTARC,

Summer activities are upon us! The heat and humidity arrived too quickly for my liking, and I found myself asking nobody in particular “Where did Spring go?” Oh well, I guess we put our best foot forward no matter what Nature happens to give us.

Activities at the Ensor Park and Museum south of Olathe proceeded smoothly all during the month of May. The JCRAC supplied the volunteers to assist Larry Woodworth during that time. The house and peg barn are full of interesting items that bear witness to the creativity, craftsmanship, and ingenuity of the Ensors.

With the calendar turning to June, it is now our turn to help out with two volunteers to assist Larry each Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 1-5 PM. SFTARC members have stepped up and almost filled up the volunteer slots for this month. Only one spot on Saturday, June 16, and one spot on Saturday, June 30, remain unfilled. If any of you would like to jump in and take one of these, please let me know.

I have attached a PDF file that shows the dates for which volunteers are still needed for both June and September. Even if you don’t wish to be a volunteer, please bring your family and friends out to visit the museum and marvel at what electronic equipment was like in those early days of radio. If its hot outside, ask Larry to show you the “cool-down” room in the basement, where you can sit down on a concrete slab at 58º! 

I look forward to hearing from any of you who would like to volunteer or who have questions about the Ensor Park and Museum.


Marty Peters

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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