*** Club Meeting - Saturday March 2, 7:30 AM, Perkins, Olathe ***

The SFTARC held it's monthly Tech Night on October 20, 2017 with very light attendance. The topics for October were; SFTARC Web Site Rebuild and Fundamentals of Troubleshooting, both present by Greg Wolfe - KI0KK.

SFTARC Web Site Tutorial

The Web Site presentation provide an overview of the new site layout and a basic tutorial on how to publish articles on the web site. Several excellent suggestions were provided. The web site has three help files to assist the user in publishing content to the web site:

These help files may also be accessed by clicking on the "Publishing" menu.

A copy of the entire presentation may be viewed by clicking the image below:

 Fundamentals of Troubleshooting 

Finding and fixing a problem with a radio, station setup or network connectivity can seem like an impossible task. Using a logical process of observation, applying technical documentation, training and appropriate test equipment is the key to success. The Tech Night presentation goal was to provide a look at well established troubleshooting methods and guidance on some of the basic test equipment needed by a Ham Radio Operator.

The presentation included a hands on demonstration using a Heathkit IG-102 Signal Generator and a Rigol DS1102E Oscilloscope. A copy of the entire presentation may be viewed by clicking the image below.