On Thursday 12/13/2018 I upgraded my WSJT-X software to version 2.0. The software upgraded easily and appeared to retain all of my past settings without issue. My JT-Alert X ver 2.10 software successfully loaded the new WSJT-X version and was displaying FT-8 activity.  I have not tested the logging function but it should be functional since that was an JT-AlertX setting (HRD 6 Log). As of 10AM on Thrusday 12/13 the FT-8 activity using WSJT-X Ver 2.0 appears to be around 50% (best guess). No reason to delay the upgrade in my opinion.

Two issues needed correction after install:

First, I got an error on install that SSL/TLS support was not installed.

The WSJT-X Ver 2.0 user guide contains the corrective action under the under the Installation section for Windows.

WSJT-X 2.0 User Guide

Select the following link - Win32 OpenSSL Lite Package.in the guide.

Second, the Frequency display was red even though my rig and WTJT-X were on the same frequency and tracking. When attempting to select the band/frequency the drop down contents were missing. The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. forum provided the fix,  The fix being to select WSJT-X File/Settings/Frequencies and in the Working Frequencies area right click and select "Reset". This will re-populate the frequency information for each band.