An Inverted-L antenna might be one to consider for low bands during this part of the sunspot cycle.

The attached file is available on the internet and describes how to make an Inverted-L antenna using RG-58 coax to make the traps. The Inverted-L antenna only requires a single trap per band vs two for inverted vee antennas. Plus some installations are more difficult when you have to fed to middle of a dipole.

The basic design process can be used for any combinations of bands but two or three bands will be easier than a larger number. You can make it with any reasonable size plastice pile, #14 wire, coax, silicone sealer and tape/heat shrink.

The article discussions what kind of ground system is needed/used with this antenna. Ground rod and ground radials would be the expected ground system but as noted if the ground radials are buried a few inches in the ground then they can be shorter than 1/4 wavelength with still provide acceptable performance.

Hope this is helpful to anyone wanting to get on the low bands for the next few years.

Larry Hall