Louisburg Repeater Update. The email text below provides an update specifically on efforts to establish a Fusion repeater in Louisberg KS. Also provided is a summary of Fusion repeaters in the area. (G Wolfe -KI0KK)


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The Fusion Elves have been working on putting up a Fusion repeater in Lousiburg Kansas. Brian Short KC0BS has graciously allowed us to use the 147.315 frequency on his TV tower in Louisburg. I believe the antenna is about 400 ft up in the air and the repeater runs about 50 watts. Currently we are testing out that repeater... So,,, for now it is in test mode and we are looking for comments.

Just last night the radio link location has change to a much closer location to the repeater thanks to Dan Harlow of Associated Radio. He is now hosting that link at his home. Dan is also the radio link host for the Plaza repeater from his store Associated Radio in Overland Park. The Louisburg repeater is being linked to the Yaesu "Kansas City Room, # 29852.

A special thanks to Chris Mateski KD0NBF who jumped through hoops to try and link the Louisburg repeater from his home but he was just to far away. As always thanks to Van K0HCV who made all the radio and computer stuff work and Bill WA0CBW who provided the RF technical direction and support.

If you get a chance please try it out and let us know any good or bad comments. I am mostly interested in any suggestions or bad reports.

I attached an updated list of the the local area Fusion repeaters. I am getting old, so If you see any mistakes or know of any changes please let me know and I will update the sheet.

The Fusion Elves have been trying to expand the Fusion repeaters in the local area. We have been blessed get get a lot of help from the community.

The following local Fusion Repeaters are all linked together to try and provide good coverage as you drive around the Metro area. That group of repeaters are available on Yaesu room # 28952 and is listed as the "Kansas City Room". The Wires-X feature from your radio are not available on your radio when you use these repeaters since that feature is used to link all the machines together.


Plaza 443.275
Shawnee 442.600
OP north 146.910
OP south 443.725
Olathe 444.400
Louisburg 147.315
Warsaw, 147.300


There are several other Fusion Local/Regional repeaters that are not connected in the area. Many are analog or Fusion or both. Some of these repeaters offer Wires-X user connections that you can select via your radio and access any Yaesu room. Some local repeaters don't offer any Fusion linking. For a list of Yaesu rooms please see: https://www.yaesu.com/jp/en/wires-x/id/id_usa.php

I think the list below is the latest repeaters I have heard about. They seem to be popping up all over so it is hard to keep up with all the new Fusion repeaters.

KCMO City Hall, 146.820
Raytown, 442.400 (Wires-X available)
Blue Spring, 444.950
Lone Jack 443.750
Independence, 146.730
Harrisonville, 443.700, (Wires-X available)
Olathe 442.625
Leavenworth, 444.800 ( Being worked on)
Lawrence, 443.800
Payola, 145.250
St. Joseph, 146.850
Warrensburg, 146.880
Warsaw, 147.300
Ottawa, 441.100
Cameron, 442.675
Neoshow, 444.525
Joplin, 147.210
Wichita, 442.250
Grove OK, 147.285
St. Charles, 145.370
St. Louis, 443.325
St. Louis 443.725


FYI and Thank you.

Jerry Dixon
Olathe, KS