Our September 16, 2016 the Tech Demo presentation waas Setting up an Amateur Radio Station by George McCarville WB0CNK. George will give all of us, and especially the newly minted ham, an understanding of what it take to successfully create “the Shack.”

The components necessary in bringing the operating position to life; power, grounding, the desk, lighting, temp, and out of the family traffic mainstream. And, the components necessary in bringing the radio-world to life; antenna, feedline, tuner, rig, mic, earphones. Last, but not least, a comfortable chair.

In addition to watching our presentation, the new Hams will also want to pick up Bob Heil’s book titled, “Heil Ham Radio Handbook.” It gives, in plain simple language, everything a new Ham needs to know about setting up a station. It’s well worth the price of $15 at Associated Radio.