*** Saturday Breakfasts are cancelled until further notice. Monthly business meetings are held via teleconference. See the Home Page for details.  ***

Club Members may begin the Membership Renewal process by verifying their current membership information online. You must be logged in to see this menu option and to access your membership information. You may request a user name and password or password reset from the Web Admin, Greg Wolfe, KI0KK, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Membership Renewal form allows quick access to to your information and notifies the club secretary of any edits and your intention to renew membership. Complete the renewal process by mailing your dues check to the club secretary at the club PO Box (found in the Contact Us Menu) or hand delivering the check to the club secretary.

Currently your membership information is stored on the club website and visible under the About Us/Roster menu to the public.

Information such as your phone number and membership status are not visible to the public. A logged in user will see his full membership record and be able to edit it. Use the Roster menu if you need to update your membership information during the year.