Kansas QSO Party 2018
The purpose of the Kansas QSO Party special event is to put Kansas on-the-air. Kansas is known as the Sunflower State and became the 34th state to be admitted into the Union on January 29, 1861.

Hams running mobile will try to put all Kansas counties on the air. Hams using special 1X1 calls will be used to spell out KANSAS, SUNFLOWER, QSOPARTY, BISON, and YELLOWBRICKROAD. Points are assigned and special antique stamped certificates and plaques are given to the participants and winners. Hams making contact with the Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club’s KS0KS call sign will be awarded 100 bonus pts.

The 2018 Kansas QSO Party was a great success. About 15 Hams convened at Del Sawyer’s QTH in Olathe, Ks, and manned 2 voice stations and 1 CW (Morse code) station. The voice stations made about 300 contacts. Three of the contacts were made outside the U.S. – Slovakia, Italy, and Mexico. Several contacts were made with Canada, but the majority were with the states.

The CW station had some technical difficulties with the Signalink (sound card) set up. We had miss-matched the cable with the wire-block (inside the Signalink). Once the cable matched the wire-block, then all worked very well. Unfortunately, the correction didn’t happen until after KSQP. We did however make 12 manual CW contacts from Del’s, and enlisted the help of Rob Underwood K0RU who made about 300 from his car, while operating as K0P and KS0KS, with John Morse.

All-in-all, the Kansas QSO Party was a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks to all who participated on both sides of the QSO’s.