Kay Eyman (WA0WOF) did a Tech Night presentation about her trip to Bhutan for the A52YL DXexpedition. Her trip was from April 29 through May 5, 2018. Kay met up with three other amateurs and her friends Kyoko "Mio" Miyoshi, JR3MVF, Junichi Tojo, JH3AEF, and Jusei Kitai, JA3IVU, on their 7th trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan. They operated from Dochula Eco Retreat, which is described on the Internet as the most scenic spot in Bhutan. A picture of the hotel is below.

Mio and Kay were issued A52YL as a club or group license, and the two OMs used their calls, A52AEF and A52IVU, respectively. In addition, Mio and Kay were issued individual licenses. Mio's is A52YLM and Kay's is A52YLE.

They had three radios and operated at an altitude of around 10,000'. The operating site and antennas are shown below. A hexbeam and dipoles were the antennas used and they were limited to 100 watts of RF power. A number of KC locals were able to work them even given the modest station. So great operators can do amazing things even with limited equipment.

It was an enjoyable evening hearing about this nation that most of us would have trouble finding on the map but seems to be a neat place.

Thanks to Kay.