The 2018 SFTARC ham classes have ended but very likely the learning experience has just started. Nine SFTARC Tech-class students and two walk-in guests attended the March 3rd W5YI VE testing session at the Salvation Army in Olathe. All eleven passed their Technician Class exam and three students went on to pass their General Class exam—truly a success story. At least four other Tech students were out of town for the weekend so they will take their exam at an alternate time. Additionally, several of the students attending the Tech classes already had licenses; however they attend the classes just for the learning experience.

The SFTARC instructors congratulate all eleven new licensees:

  •  Louis E Bruns Jr (Technician)(walk-in)
  •  Ron F. Cantrell (Technician)
  •  Ron M. Cantrell (Technician)
  •  Robin E. Carroll (Technician)(walk-in)
  •  Mike Duncan (Technician, General)
  •  Richard Eberhardt (Technician, General)
  •  Denise Grogan (Technician, General)
  •  Kim Liu (Technician)
  •  Dan OBrien (Technician)
  •  Donna Richards (Technician)
  •  Peggy Thompson (Technician)

Following the test session, the SFTARC offered a two-hour introduction to ham radio equipment and station setup, providing students with ideas on how to move forward with the hobby. The SFTARC classes are structured to teach the material rather than the questions and answers. That, combined with diligent study on the part of the students, will hopefully provide the students with a foundation from which they can continue their learning. And let’s not forget that as a club we can continue to coach and encourage the new licensees in perusing aspects of amateur radio that may interest them.

The Morse-code-class students too can look forward to continuing to learn. Over a period of eight weeks the students were introduced to a new language that consists of 26 letters, 10 numbers, over a dozen punctuation marks and procedural symbols, not to mention numerous CW abbreviations and techniques. To support the continued study they have the F6DQM CW-Player program and ARRL’s on-the-air and on-line practice lessons. And there is always the best practice of all—getting on the air with CW.

A thank you goes out to the SFTARC instructors for their efforts:

  • Jim Andera, K0NK
  •  Jim Anderson, AC0OW
  •  Jim Cessna, AC0KN
  •  Ralph Crumrine, N0KC
  •  Jeff Darby, KE0CAZ
  •  Larry Hall, KD0RIU
  •  Greg Wolf, KI0KK
  •  And other who supported the class

The list of thank-yous would not be complete without a special thanks to the Olathe Corps of The Salvations Army for providing the classroom facility. And thanks to the W5YI VE team.