The President, Greg Wolfe KI0KK, called the meeting to order.

Introductions of attendees were made by name and call-sign.


The Sec-Treasurer Report was given by Mike Costello KB0ISQ.  He verbally reported the revenue and disbursement amounts the club incurred since our last meeting.  Treasurers report for the last 12 months showed Income of $4702, including $1815 of receipts from insurance claims.  Expenses for the last year were $2695.  Leaving out the insurance claims means a difference of $192.00 between income and expense for the last year.


2018 Club Officer Elections

The current officers were re-elected by a unanimous vote.  The 2018 officers are; President Greg Wolfe KI0KK, Vice President Larry Hall KD0RIU, and Sec-Treasurer Mike Costello KB0ISQ.

Trailer Report

Del, KØDDS reported on his investigation  of replacing the generator ruined by flooding.  He reported the Harbor Freight Predator 8750 starting, 7000 running watts would be the better buy.  Cost $599.99 plus 2 year replacement program and taxes,  In two years, the unit can be returned to Harbor freight and a new one received for the cost of a new two year replacement plan. It sounds strange but that is the way Harbor Freight operates.

November Tech Demo

November 17, 2017 Tech Demos will be held at fire station at New Century from 1900 to 2100.

The subject for the November presentation will be by Ron Cowan - KB0DTI. Ron is going to tell us about how ham radio is being used for public service and disaster assistance. Plus where there are opportunities for hams to get involved.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party will replace our December Tech Demo.  Christmas party will be at the Fire Station in New Century airport, eating starts at 6:30 so show up 15 minutes or so earlier.  Jim. ACØKN will be coordinating event so watch for emails from him.

Web Site

Web site rebuild is all most finished.  Please use the new site URL at Will let you know whenmigration to the permanent URL of is done.

2018 CW & Technician Classes

CW & Technician Classes in 2018 will start on January 6.  CW class from 8:30 to 9:45 and Technician license classes from 10:00 to 12:30. CW class is free to SFTARC members and $5.00 for others.  Technician classes are $15.00 for those 16 and under and $30.00 for others, includes Technician manual.


No new business.

ADJOURN:   A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting was adjourned