We are the Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club, a general-purpose club based in Olathe Kansas. Our goal is to promote and support the educational and operational aspects of ham radio through ham radio class, on-the-air events and hands-on activity. The club meets at 7:30 AM on the first Saturday of each month at Perkins on 135th & I-35 in Olathe, KS.  A Tech Demo is presented on the third Friday of each month at 7:00 PM. Check the WEB calendar for details and any changes in time, date or location.

The Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club is open to membership for all currently licensed Hams, and anyone who is interested in becoming a HamThe club does require a membership fee, as shown on the application, to help cover the club’s expenses.


Field Day 2017 Summary

FieldDay2017034 web2017 Field Day was an enjoyable event with the best weather we could have hoped for in late June. For a summary of the events see the following article from our July Newsletter.

Field Day 2017 Summary

Club Events


Ham Classes - Typically beginning in January, see calendar for schedule

KS QSO Party -

Field Day - June of each year

Hamfest - September

Christmas Party - December

Becoming A Ham


Becoming A Ham

ham shack

The first step in becoming a ham is typically to attend a class offered by an local amatuer radio club. The Sante Fe Trail Amateur Club offers classes to assist individuals in obtaining an FCC license required to become a Ham. The typical first step is to obtain a Technician Class FCC License.

A chart of operating frequecies and modes provides a view of your operating privilages with each license type. More information on seveal common operating modes is provided from the Operating Modes menu item in this WEB site. 

Practical Considerations for new Hams

 The available license classes are:


CW (2018)


Extra (2017 - Completed)

License Test Sessions are held regularly. Check the requirements for taking the test as established by the individual testing organization.

A description of the history of Amatuer Radio Licensing may be found the the following Wiki page.

Amateur Radio Licensing in the United States

Classes are offered as the need arises.  Click the links above for details for each License type.

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  • Silent Keys

    73The Santa Fe Trail Amateur Radio Club will always remember those members who have passed on and become "silent keys." We remember their contributions to the Amateur Radio Service, to their families, and to their communities in the articles below (select the link to the individual page).

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